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  Dr. Andhe Pallavi
"Crypto System based Turbo Codes", IEEE 12th Annual Symposium on Mobile Computing & Applications, Bangalore, Nov. 2003.
"Encryption Using Turbo Codes", National Conference on Vision, Graphics and Image Processing, JNNCE, March 2005
"Reconfigurable Signal Processing In Wireless Phones", Proc. National conference Advanced Communication Techniques & Research, pp. 153-159, April 2005.
Turbo codes and One Time Pads", Proc. 5th National workshop on cryptology, JNNCE & Cryptology Society of India, pp. 213- 218, August 2005.
"Robust Authentication In Digital Halftoned Images", Proc. National conference on Advanced Multimedia processing & Applications, Bangalore, October 2005.
"Issues In Turbo Codes Based Sensor Networks", IEEE Bangalore Section, 14th Annual Symposium on Emerging Trends in Wireless Networks, Nov. 2005.
"MAC based MUD system", selected for inclusion in the 2006 International Waveform Diversity & Design Conference, Hawaii, USA, to be held on Jan. 22-27, 2006.
"Power optimization in Turbo coded Halftoned Images", Information and Communicatio Technologies, 2006, ICTTA '06, Volume 2, 24-28 April 2006 Page(s):2388 - 2393 . Available at:"
Analysis of Message Authentication in Turbo Coded Halftoned Images using EXIT Charts", International Journal of Computer and Information Science and Engineering, IJCISE, Volume 1, Number 2, 2007, pp. 90-95. Available at:

  Books Publications
"Signals & Systems" , textbook published by IK International Limited, in 2008
"Microcontrollers and Application", textbook under print by Sanguine Technical publishers

  Ms. Sumathy .Y.S
Microcontroller Based Automated Biosensor System- Sumathy .Y.S- National Conference on Modern Trends in Electrical and Instrumentation Systems

  Ms.Shreedevi Kulkarni
"Training an Amputee to Balance Weight", International Conference 3CI-2007, Department of EC, RVCE, Nov. 2007
“Training a Patient with an Unilateral Lower Limb Impairment to Balance Weight on Both the Limbs”, (Secured First Place in the paper presentation), “PARSE-Project And Research Seminar”, MCA Dept., RVCE, 17th Nov., 2007
"Effectively Initiating the Gait Pattern of Patients with Lower Limb Impairment using a Differential Force Plate System" in the national Conference on "Emerging Trends in Bio-Medical Signal Processing", Department of Instrumentation Technology, RVCE, April 2008

1. DSP in multimedia by Rangaraj. M A & Krishan M.
2. Embeded systems by Gurudatt Kamat & Gopalkrishna S. 
3. HVDC by Ayyala Somayajulu pradyumma & Rohit M P. at Mumbai. 
4. Pulveriser -Viraja Sharma at National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Suratkal, Feb 2008
5. MEMS- technology - Shruthi.G- National level students seminar(2nd prize),DSCE, Blore, Oct 2008
6. MEMS- The atom of future - State level students paper presentation, SJBIT, Bangalore, Oct 2008
7. Sacristies - Viraja Sharma, KSHITIJ , Robotics, IIT Kharagpur, Feb 2008
8. Robo Relay - Viraja Sharma, KSHITIJ , Robotics, IIT Kharagpur, Feb 2008
9. Perfect Machine -Viraja Sharma Think, Create ENGINEER Feb 2008, at NITK, Suratkal
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